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Company Profile

GENMECH ENGINEERING is a broadly based engineering company, with substantial experience in providing service to industry in the supply of engineering equipment, and the erection of complex and difficult fabrication and construction tasks, as well as the engineered application of specialised products in : GENMECH ENGINEERING brings experience, plus an in-depth appreciation of the worldwide advances in technology, and how best to apply this knowledge to meet the specified requirement.

GENMECH ENGINEERING is ISO 9001 accredited.

GENMECH in the Asia Pacific Region

GENMECH ENGINEERING is strategically located in the vibrant modern City/State of Singapore, which is the crossroads of the Asia Pacific Region. GENMECH understands the cultures of the Asia Pacific, and GENMECH people, with their multi-cultural and multi-lingual abilities move freely throughout the region.

From Singapore, GENMECH is establishing a network of fraternal and business associations, so that Clients can be offered an unparalleled service where technical excellence, financial prudence, and timely response are combined in the answer to every problem.

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