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Chemical Filters & Corrosion Control

GENMECH ENGINEERING offers a variety of specialized chemical air filters for the removal of airborne contaminants & gas phase pollutants. Ideally suited to removing odor from public buildings and waste treatment. In addition, a full range of gas adsorption filter is available for the removal of process gases such as acids, bases, condensable and dopants in the field of semiconductor manufacturing.

Our product line includes: Pleated, High Efficiency Minipleat type Chemicals filters for the application in Air Handling Unit, Make up Air Unit and Fan Filter Unit.

Chemical filter for
Chemical filter for FFU
Chemical filter for MAU or AHU


  • For adsorption of odors, vapors and gases in air conditioning applications
  • High removal efficiency, low pressure drop, light weight, no carbon dust, easy maintenance and totally disposable.
  • Vast increase in carbon content leads to the drastic improvement in removal efficiency and service life.

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