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Chemical Resistant Fans

GENMECH ENGINEERING offers a variety of chemical resistance radial fans by HÜRNER-FUNKEN Gmbh, excellently suitable for the extraction of aggressive exhaust air and gases. Fans of type HF R…-15/17 are used mainly for in fume cupboards and hoods. In additions, our ventilation systems are used in many cases in the whole world: from laboratories and places of production in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry about laboratories of universities and academies.

Material constructions such as PVC, PEs, PPs, GRP etc are designed to accommodate operation in acidic, caustic and high temperature.

Our product line selection includes:

  • Radial fans
  • Roof radial fans
  • Components
  • In line fans
Radial Fans
Radial Fans

  • Casing rotational sintered or welded made of PE-FR or PE-FR-el, etc.
  • Splinter guard (optional) for maximum housing protection.
  • Different sizes, from 125 up to 1000 mm (upon request), belt or direct driven.
  • Volume flows from 100 to 150,000 cmh & total pressure difference of 3000 Pa.

Fume Scrubbers

These specially designed fume scrubbers; mainly Vertical (Counter-flow) or Horizontal (Cross-flow) type use the unique mono-filament structure pads scrubbing base media and mist eliminators.

With its design, the scrubber out perform many others in its efficiency and also providing the most effective mist removal.

Horizontal Type
Vertical Type Horizontal Type


  • Suitable for high efficiency removal of contaminant gases and small particles in semiconductor, metal finishing, chemical processing, fertilizer mfg., waste treatment plants etc.
  • Suitable for Fume Cupboards & Fume Hoods etc.

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